Main Conference Schedule


Thursday – April 25th   (Student Union – HUB RM 250)

8:008:30                       Breakfast:         HUB RM 250

8:208:30                       Welcome

8:30–10:00                     Session 1:    Speaker:          Judith Wagner-DeCew,  

“Connecting  Informational, Fourth Amendment, and
Constitutional Privacy”

Comment:        Alan Rubel

10:00–10:15       Break

10:15–11:45                  Session 2      Speaker:          Stephen Munzer, 

“Indigenous Information and Legal Remedies”

Comment:        Marisa Duarte

11:451:15         Lunch Break                      


1:15–2:45                     Session 3        Speaker:         Helen Nissenbaum,

“Respect for Context as a Benchmark for Privacy Online: What it is and what it isn’t”

Comment:        Kay Matheson

2:453:00           Break

3:00–4:30                     Session 4       Speaker:          Anita Allen,

“Is there an Ethical  Duty to Protect Your own Privacy?”

Comment:        Colin Koopman

4:305:30         Break

5:306:45         Dinner Break                    


7:00–8:30                     Session 5     Plenary Lecture (210 Kane Hall)

                                                 Speaker:          Eugene Volokh

    “Freedom to Speak About People” Link1, Link 2

8:009:30                                         Plenary Reception – 225 Kane Hall


Friday – April 26th  (Student Union – HUB RM 250)


8:309:00          Breakfast:         HUB RM 250


9:00–10:30        Session 6           Speaker:          Robert Gomulkiewicz,

“Fostering the Business of Innovation”

 Comment:        Don Fallis

10:3010:45        Break


10:45–12:15       Session 7          Speaker:          Kenneth Himma,

“Toward a Lockean Moral Justification of Legal Protection of Intellectual Property”

Comment:        Jonathan Trerise


12:151:45         Lunch Break    


1:45–3:15          Session 8          Speaker:          Deborah Johnson,

“Surveillance and Accountability in a House of Mirrors”

 Comment:        Adam Moore

3:153:30           Break


3:30–5:00          Session 9          Speaker:          Nadine Strossen,

“Government Secrecy and  Surveillance: We the People know too little about our government while it knows too much about us”

Comment:        Tony Doyle


5:006:00          Break/Reception – Philosophy Dept. Commons (361 Savery Hall)